YDM Industrial grade 2030 flatbed printer

  • YDM Industrial grade 2030 flatbed printer
  • YDM Industrial grade 2030 flatbed printer
  • YDM Industrial grade 2030 flatbed printer
  • YDM Industrial grade 2030 flatbed printer

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Product Parameters

Product Name: YDM Industrial grade 2030 flatbed printer

Print Technology
Printer Model 2030 UV Printer
Max. Print size 2000*3000mm
Print head model Toshiba CE4M,Ricoh G5,G6
Qty of Printhead 4-16 pcs/2-8pcs
Print Direction Unidirectional /Bi-directional
Print head height Semi-Automatic height adjustment (option Auto)
Print head cleaning Manual cleaning system
Print resolution Toshiba CE4M4 pass: 600*600 dpi
6 pass: 600*900 dpi
8 pass: 600*1200 dpi
RICOH G54 pass: 720*600 dpi
6 pass: 720*900 dpi
8 pass: 720*1200 dpi
Ink System
Ink type UV ink
Ink color CMYK/ CMYK+W/CMYK+W+V/2*CMYK+2*W+2*V
 Ink tank volume 3.5L
Ink supply Negative ink supply system
Drying type Imported LED lamp curing
 White ink stirring Available
While ink circulation Available
Media type Acrylic/ aluminum/ ceramic/ foam board/ glass/cardboard & others thickness 100mm or customized
Operation Language Chinese / English
Operation system Windows XP/ Windows 7/Windows 10
Operation platform Completed vacuum adsorption platform
Operation Environment Temperature:20℃~28℃ Humidity:40% RH~60% RH
Computer configuration System:XP,win7,win10,32/64
CPU:≥ Intel i5
Hard Disk: SATA 500G, NTFS
CD Rom: DVD recordable
Space for Disk C : ≥100 G
RIP software UnitedFancy/Printfactory( option :Photoprint)
Interface LAN
Color control Comply with ICC standards with curve and density adjustment function.
Power supply AC220V,50/60HZ
Power consumption 3.5 KW
Noise Standby < 32dB Working < 65dB
The UV lamp LED curing, 50000 hours long lifetime, water cooling

product details

2030 (13)

Vacuum Platform

Anti-oxidative aluminum vacuum platform with 6 PCS desperately control buttons, Max. Printing size 2.0*3.0m, anti-oxidative can improve the scratch resistance of the platform , desperately control can fit media in different sizes & increases small batch printing efficiency.

2030 (5)


The newly designed carriage, it has one-button cleaning head function, UV led curing function and static elimination function, semi-automatic height measurement function.
The number of print-heads installed can be customized according to customer requirements, such as 2-8 PCS RICOH G5 or 4-16 PCS Toshiba CE4M.

2030 (11)

Humanized operation design

Emergency stop button and front collision avoidance device, the emergency stop button can ensure that the operator turns down the printer in an emergency situation, and the carriage collision avoidance device can ensure that the carriage collision will not damage the print head when there are foreign goods on the platform

2030 (10)

Large volume ink tank

3.5L automatic negative pressure ink supply system to ensure continuous printing. The white ink system has an automatic stirring & circulation system to avoid clogging of the white print head.  Equipped with ink low sensor, when the ink volume is lower than the set value, it will alarm.

Toshiba CE4M Print Head

FOR printer, according your needs, you can choice install Toshiba CE4M or RICOH G5/G6 print head.

2030 (14)

RICOH G5 Print Head

Whether you need a high-precision printer or fast printing printer, we can customize the printing solution that meet your needs.


CMYK W V can be printed at the one time,UV varnish is cured by passing it under an ultraviolet light which quickly dries and hardens the varnish, creating a super high gloss varnish and offers the highest protection between varnish, aqueous and UV. Varnishing a product with UV will make it look much more professional, as well as making it much more attractive.Varnishing increases the perceived quality of the product. In addition, it is an economical and user-friendly process that can be easily applied by adding spot finishes or additional processes to the entire sheet. It can be manipulated to achieve the desired result


Productive Process

Machine Assembly&Testing

01 Machine Dynamic Design

02 Raw Materials Preparation

03 Nc Sawing Processing

04 Machine Modular Cutting Processing

05 Accessories Processing

06 Lathe Bed Processing

07 Aluminum Crossbeam Process

08 Welding Process

Printe test pictures

Package Delivery

Packing Details

Packing Details

Packing Details


Acrylic Printing

Glass Printing

Ceramic Printing

UV printer is used mainly for printing on things like customized products and other flat surface objects. UV has a wide range of substrates that can be printed on like glass, metal, wood, plastics, ceramics and many more,Let us see some printed samples by YDM UV Printer

Leather Printing

Metal Printing

Wood Printing

Wood Printing

Customized Gift Box Printing

Welding Photos Printing

Canvas Printing

Marble Printing

Embossed 3D printing

For more special items printing,pls feel free to contact us directly,we will provide you professional printing solutions and quality machine with good service.

After Sale Service

Tech Support

As the manufacturer of printing machine,YDM development always depends on the needs from customers,we provide the training for customers freely,and instructions that how to install the uv printer step by step.

On-Site Installation

We also provide our international customers with the on-site installation based on the customers’ need,or authorize our distributors to install the printing machine.

Online Service

Whatsapp/Wechat/Skype/Email and others available,and remote operation will fix the problems on time to save your maintenance cost.

YDM offers 12 MONTHS WARRANTY on our uv printing machine. We create the service group that our professional technical support will follow you via telephone, email, live chat and skype video so you can contact us on time if you have a question or run into difficulty.

we train and and encourage our customers to service and maintain their own printers.It is easy job for you with our professional instructions.If uv printer is sold by YDM's distributors,we will authorize them to send experienced engineers to support for the installation and collaboration when the machine arrives.

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Development Path


The companys predecessor mainly undertakes after-sales service for foreign brand inkjet printer in China market.


To break trough heavy price monopoly of imported machines,we overcome all kinds of difficulties and independent production.


YDM officially established and accomplish the construction of distribution channels,market share much increased since this year.


Honored with Vise present of SSIA,New dynamic bench making enterprise,Besides,YDM is the fist one verified by CE/SGS dual certification in this field.


YDM UV Industrial grade printing machine enjoys high reputation since it launched to market.


Deepen the cooperation with Toshiba,Ricoh,Hoson,KNFUN,UMC and other companies to ensure the machine configuration always ranked ahead.


Actively participate global competition,totally exported to more than 50 countries and regions.


Developed industry grade machine with G6 heads.


2021- Developed double spray roll to roll machine.


2025- Our Goal is to build YDM into a world renowned inkjet printer manufacturer upon company 20th anniversary.