What are the digital printing steps of YDM printer

If you have YDM printer, here I will tell you how to use the YDM printer for fast digital printing.

Step 1
Let your artists who create custom designs based on your customer requirements and instructions. You may have a detailed discussion or meeting to understand your customer requirements fully. Once the design is ready, please contact to your customer in time,once your customer give the go-ahead, only then will move to the next step.
Step 2
When the final design is approved, the artwork is saved in the appropriate format(PNG or TIFF) with the correct resolution as mentioned earlier, to make it easy for the printer to recognize and print the product without error.
Step 3
Please check the work room temperature, the printer needs to operate at a temperature between 20 and 25 degrees C. a temperature outside this range could cause damage to the printer heads.
Turn on the printer to check if the printer is normal, then the print heads are cleaned, and check the nozzle status, if the status is good, now you can move to the next step. If the nozzle status is not good, please cleaning the print head again.
Step 4
Open the RIP software, put the artwork picture in the RIP software, and choice the printing resolution, out put the special artwork picture format on desktop.
Step 5
Put the media on the printer worktable, open the control software, set the printing parameters of X axis and Y axis. If everything is ok, now choice the printing.The YDM printer begins the actual printing by moving the print heads from side to side, on the media, spraying the design on to it.
Then, wait for the end of printing.
Step 6
The material or product is removed from the worktable with great care once the printing is complete.
Step 7
The last step is the quality check. Once we are satisfied about the quality, the products are packaged and readied to be dispatched.
Because digital printing provides higher greater clarity, saves time and effort, it is widely used in the world, such as out door & in door advertising industry, decoration industry, etc.
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Post time: Nov-05-2021